By Hannah du Plessis

Online schooling is in its early days. Many people are wondering whether it will be better or worse than traditional schooling. As more and more people are trying it, more come to realise just what good it can do. After running a survey on the topic of Online Education, we have come to the conclusion that online schooling is on the rise. As people are discovering it, they become convinced that this is definitely the education of the future.


In our survey, we asked many people what they thought. 65% said that online education was definitely better than traditional education. 35% preferred traditional education.


Of the 65% we received the following comments:


A single mother of four kids wrote: “Online Education is definitely very helpful for single parents who are working. If I wasn’t able to take my classes online I would not be able to study and get my diploma. Taking care of my family and working full time leaves no time to sit in a class and be taught. Online education enabled me to work my studies around my busy schedule. This means I can upgrade my skills so that I will be able to get a higher paying job so that I can take better care of my family.”


Paul, the principal of a high school wrote: “Online Education is definitely the way education will be conducted in future, as it will help more students be able to pass. We started an online branch of our school and students who failed or were at risk were encouraged to complete their studies online. Most of these students were able to pass their courses because it enabled them to learn at their own pace, and the distractions, or the ability to distract others was taken away.”


Casey also wrote along this line and said: “So much time is taken up settling a class and dealing with others that have behaviour problems. Online education eliminates this and you can just get on with studying.”


Brendon says that “Online Education is the same as Traditional Education as it is really still teaching but just done in another way.”


Susan says: “Teaching is really standardised online and the same material can be taught to everyone. What makes it so good is that each person can then take this material and do it in his or her own time. Some take faster and some are slower learners. This means each person can learn at his or her own pace.”


Other opinions from parents were that there are better opportunities as there are greater choices of subjects as at a traditional school. That online education teaches self-discipline, whereas in school you have discipline.


Amongst the opinions that online education is not better than traditional education; some people thought that it was just for adults and that you need to be self-disciplined and very motivated to be able to do your education online. The main complaint was that it offers more distraction for children if they are not supervised.


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