Tips offered to avoid common computer maintenance mistakes – Holyoke Enterprise

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Tips offered to avoid common computer maintenance mistakes Holyoke Enterprise While their role in the ever-evolving technological world deems them necessary, many people are naive to ways to ensure they last long enough to make the price tag… Hannah du Plessis‘s insight: Learn how to do your own PC Maintenance and save lots of money. more »


A hard lesson in software –

Hannah : December 31, 2013 4:32 pm : Uncategorized hard lesson in bought the computer almost three years ago from her local PC World store in County Antrim, along with one of its Knowhow Whatever Happens plans, which covered her for the new hard drive. Hannah du Plessis‘s insight: In order to keep your coputer safe, you need to learn how to more »


Tech is the Way to Go #infographic

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Are you interested in getting into the tech industry? Working in tech seems to be the current trend, but there is a reason for that. The tech industry is booming and offering more jobs to technical and non-technical majors alike. See on


Developing 21st Century Critical Thinkers – Infographic

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Download an 11X17 version of the Developing 21st Century Critical Thinkers Infographic by Mentoring See on


Two Wonderful Visual Lists of Educational iPad Apps for Teachers and Students ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

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“In their attempts to establish a 1:1 program for the year 6 class, St Oliver Plunket has recently held a series of workshops in order to develop their students skills before they were officially given management of their very own devices. The workshops were particularly centered around teaching students about some tips and tricks for managing their iPad, more »


Five Things You MUST Do On a New PC – Ask Bob Rankin

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Think of all this preventative maintenance as similar to a car’s breaking-in period. Do it with every new PC and you’ll save yourself time and money. Do you have other ideas about how to optimize a new PC? Hannah du Plessis‘s insight: After this, you need to perform regular PC Maintenance. For an excellent course more »


The PC Weenies | Computer Maintenance: My Year End Rituals

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Instead of drafting a set of resolutions I may or may not live up to, I’ve decided to do the next best thing: perform some routine computer maintenance. The holidays are a perfect time to prep your machine for the upcoming year. See on


What’s Our Vision for the Future of Learning?

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Author David Price writes: “If schools are coming into direct competition with the learning opportunities available in the informal social space, it has to be said that this is a pressure, which barely registers within the political discourse.   In the following pages, Price describes three cases across the globe — in London, Sydney, San more »


Maintenance tasks that improve performance

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Learn how to clean up your computer running Windows XP to help improve its performance. (@Mike_Hyder We’d like to help, Mike. Hannah du Plessis‘s insight: For an excellent course in PC Maintenance visit See on


Blog Post: Diverse Learners uses Skype to help students with disabilities

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For students with learning disabilities, Skype has become vital for help with studying, time management, personal development and software training. Hannah du Plessis‘s insight: Online learning is growing, and will in future be the way students with learning disabilities learn. Visit and ask about our online help for students with learning disabilities. See on more »


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