PC File Management & Backup

Know where your data is and have a backup plan so it doesn’t go missing.
You always seem to ‘lose’ files or have to spend ages trying to search for them. And when you think you’ve deleted them they keep coming back. Or maybe you don’t want to lose all your files like you did the last time your computer died. Time to get control of your PC’s filing system.
Course outline
In this one hour, live online course you will learn file management ‘best practices’ and how to create, manage and delete folders on your computer. You’ll also learn how to perform backups locally using FDisk and in the Cloud using Dropbox.
Your tutor will guide you through:

  • Best Practice in File Management
  • Creating Folders
  • Managing, moving and deleting folders
  • Backup methodologies: Automated Backups to External Drives
  • Downloading Fdisk and installing
  • Setting up your Fdisk Backup Profile
  • Set a Schedule
  • Explain manual backup via shortcut
  • Backup methodologies: Using Cloud backup solutions
  • Dropbox overview & installation
  • File sharing
  • Security concerns
  • Paid vs Non-paid
  • Backup retrieval
    Why take this course?
    This course is a must if you want to:
    1. Have total control of your PC and your files and know where they are at all times
    2. Never again want to lose your files due to a computer crash or breakdown
    3. Understand file systems and backup
    Course requirements
    You will need a Personal Computer or a PC Laptop with windows 7 or 8. Students with earlier operating systems have found the course beneficial, but you need to be able to apply the differences yourself. You also need a headset with a microphone.
    The course is co-written by a qualified teacher and is suitable for owners of PCs with Windows 7 or higher operating system installed.
    All WeTeach-IT courses are live, interactive and led by an experienced tutor that’s with you every step of the way. Plus you can download the course notes to refer to when you need to.


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