Why Choose An Online School Or University?

Posted by admin on November 10th, 2013

by Hannah du Plessis
More and more people choose to study online rather than at a traditional school. Let’s look at the top reasons for choosing an Online School over a traditional one:

    • No commuting necessary. You don’t need to get up earlier but can get up just before your online class.
    • Students can study at their own pace and get ahead or catch up if they are behind.
    • You can graduate earlier – or later
    • If you have a job or other commitments, online schooling allows you to work around that, giving you the flexibility to fit study in around your schedule
    • You don’t need to hang around negative people and can make friends only with like-minded people.
    • You can avoid distractions caused by classmates that aren’t serious about their studies and cause distraction by their behaviour
    • If you’re gifted you can get ahead quicker.
    • If you’re struggling in some area you can first work on the areas you’re struggling in before you move on. In a classroom situation you have to move on whether you are ready or not
    • There is a greater variety of subjects to choose from, and you can choose any combination, thereby not having to choose only what the school can offer.
    • You have the freedom to dress as you want, take breaks when you want, have outside hobbies or sport and work your study around your schedule.
    • You save money, because online schools don’t have the costs that a traditional school has.
    • You save time – in a traditional school, students need to go from one class to another. It saves the time it takes to settle a class, and the time it takes to settle students with behaviour problems.

Many people online cite as disadvantages:

Social interaction with classmates

It has been proven through studies done by university students that homeschooled children are better adjusted socially than children who go to a traditional school. If you are worried about the lack of social interaction, join a hobby club and a sports club where you can interact with others. It is healthy to have outside interests anyway.

Interaction with your teacher

People who are against online learning say that you need a good relationship with your teacher. This is why we recommend an online school where you have live interactive online learning. This way, you get the best of both worlds. You can get the all the benefits online learning has to offer, without the usual disadvantages.
Weteach-it is a live, interactive, online school that helps students achieve their brilliance.

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