How To Do Preventative Maintenance On Your Computer

Posted by admin on November 26th, 2013

Do you get annoyed when your computer slows down, and you need to do a task that seems to take hours because of the slower speed? Hand in hand with the slower speed may be your reluctance to call the “techie” because he or she charges too much? You may be happy to hear that there are certain things you can do to prevent your computer slowing down, and keep it running at its best.
1. You should make sure your computer is cool and dry at all times. Especially when you live in a humid climate. Food and especially drinks should be taken away from the computer as a spill can instantly ruin it.
2. Make sure your computer is clean at all times. You can use a soft cloth or a small soft brush or special “wet wipes” that are especially made for the computer.
3. Make sure your software is up to date. Most software programs have regular updates and software like windows are usually set to update automatically. Some programs send you notifications to update. Do not ignore those but update them as well.
4. Get to know the sounds your computer makes: The cooling fan should make a soft whirr and then you can hear when your computer gets too hot because it will sound louder. Make sure the room is as cool as it can be if you hear it running on high more often.
5. You can hear also when the computer starts up by the beeps it makes and you can hear when the hard drive is running. If you are familiar with these sounds you will hear immediately if something is different which usually means there is an impending crash. Acting on this by running a diagnostic programme will enable your computer to live longer.
6. Get to know how much time your computer takes to start up or to act on your clicks. When it takes longer than usual, there is something amiss as well. Get the best diagnostic tools to help with finding problems.
Just keep in mind; computers have a certain lifespan. With desktops it is from five to seven years, and laptops shorter; around three years. You should be looking at replacing after this time.
If you are diligent in caring for your computer, and learning how to do your own computer maintenance, your computer will have a longer life and you won’t need to call the techie in all that often.

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